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If you have to keep the room tidy for other purposes, that looks useful, but for my sewing room, which is in a remote part of our upstairs, I'm much happier with garage shelving and spending the money I saved on more fabric and equipment. Also, I think having the L-shaped table space to your left is very useful for quilting, but having it on both sides might bug me unless I could somehow turn the right hand one into an ironing surface. Normally, I'm in and out of my seat to iron, and the right side of my sewing table is constantly available for frequently used supplies in various bins and plastic sorting boxes.

I have a beef with the "Murphy bed" concept, and that is that you have to leave the floor space available in front and to the sides. It looks neat when it's all closed up, but it doesn't really free up space for other purposes, and the process of having to open and close it would be enough of a deterrent that I might put off sewing. In our previous house I was able to set up my sewing machine in a shallow closet with shelving above and pegboards in the back and to the sides. I liked being able to close the closet doors to hide my mess, and in that case, it's not as if you'd be placing furniture in front of closet doors in any case.
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