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Well here is my Singer NL. I got it from the GoodWill. When I first saw it, I recognized the Sphinx decals, and what great condition they were in, so I snatched it up and paid $29.00 for it. I got it home and started looking at it closer and immediately thought this was not a real Singer. I was confused by the decals and the machine itself. I had already sold my other Sphinx so I had nothing to compare this one to but the machines looked totally different. I then thought someone took a generic class 15 Clone and put Sphinx decals on it and sold it off to some unsuspecting Joe/Jenny. I started researching the serial number on the metal plate and came up with nothing. Then I saw the model number 15 NL cast in the bottom of the machine. One last internet search brought me here. I am glad because at least now I have a bit of information on the machine. I was about ready to list on eBay for sale, but now that I have some history, I am going keep it. It really is a nice looking machine and sews great!
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