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I love coffee and tea! I usually drink two cups of coffee a day with half and half and sugar. DH and I use Rainforest Blend that we buy at Costco. We also love Kona but only splurge on it occasionally. I love Starbucks coffee but I understand why some folks donít care for it. From there we buy the Komodo Dragon blend. I would drink coffee all day as I am not bothered by it for sleeping but limiting to two cups minimizes my sugar. I am actually working on removing the sugar from my coffee completely. I used to have a serious soda habit and kicked it a few years ago. I feel much better not drinking liquid sugar all the time. Coffee is such an enjoyable thing to me. Itís relaxing to drink it hot, itís social as I have a friend who loves it more than I do, and itís a beverage that lies to me about how much Iím going to get done every day! 🤣
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