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Default How to Get Out Puckers?

Hi Friends,
I am almost finished with a queen size quilt. The top is 100% cotton, with a thin batting, and the back is fleece. This is for my son who will use it in a camper. This is how he wants it.

My problem now is that I turned it over and have a couple of bad puckers in the fleece. I need help on how to get them out. I know doing all this on my small throat machine was against better advice, but I had no choice.( It has actually turned out well except for the couple of puckers.) I had struggles when having a real bulk of it all inside the small throat. I did the best I could. I don't know what to do. It is for a new camper he has built himself, and he did a great job on his end. Now he is waiting on my quilt.

I sure do welcome any advice you folks may share.

Thank you,

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