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Originally Posted by BonnieJP View Post
I just bought a lovely Singer 201K this afternoon. It's in beautiful condition EXCEPT someone put what I believe was masking tape across the needle plate and the black paint. I think this was probably done to mark seam widths or something. The tape itself peeled off easily, but the "glue" part from the tape is hardened on the machine. I was able to clean the residue off the needle plate with some oil and gently scratching with my finger nail. I haven't been successful getting the residue off the painted parts with the oil, dish soap, or WD40. I'm afraid I might ruin the japan finish or paint. Can anyone offer any suggestions about how to remove the hardened glue off the painted part of the machine? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


I would try Johnsons or Mennen Baby Oil. Rub it in well and let it set for several hours. I think baby oil is just scented mineral oil.
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