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Sounds like you are making great progress on decluttering SarahBethie!

I have a report on the initial meeting with the delcutterer. Our meeting was this past Thursday (today is Monday). We went through each room of the house and she made some general suggestions and asked what our vision for each room was. I'm pretty good at organizing, but she still identified areas in the house that would benefit from re-defining what belongs in which room.

The three studio rooms are the ones I'd identified as being our main problem areas and she agreed that we needed more help with those than with any of the other rooms- they're crammed so full of materials and completed artwork that it's hard to get anything done in any of them and as a result, our art making has taken over other parts of the house and contributed to the general messiness. She made some great suggestions for those areas as well. I'm waiting to see her finalized plan for the spaces. We have tentatively agreed to have a crew of 4 declutterers for two 6 hour days on June 20 and 21st to tackle the studio spaces. Very pricey, but given that everything will have to come out of each space, be sorted and then put back so that everything that gets kept has a home, I couldn't imagine getting it done in 12 hours with fewer than 4 people helping DH and me. After that, we will decide whether we need help implementing her suggestions for the rest of the rooms or can do it ourselves.

I'll keep y'all posted.

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