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Originally Posted by beckymalik17 View Post
I was Looking for the best sewing machine so i found this discussion.I want some suggestions that which will be best sewing machine 2019?
Welcome, Becky. It depends on so many factors, it's really hard to give a good answer.

The two most important factors I can think of offhand are, how much are you willing to spend and how are you going to use the machine?

You posted to the vintage sewing machine forum, so I assume a vintage machine is on your mind. I would repeat the same thing I said earlier in this thread. Don't buy a Touch and Sew unless you are willing to either replace the gears yourself or have it done.

The most versatile and trouble free Singer machines are the 400 and 500 series. Many of the vintage Japanese zig-zag machines are reliable. The vintage machines from Europe are reliable, such as Pfaff, Necci, Bernina and Viking.


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