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Default Machine Suggestions

Hello everyone! I am hoping that I can get some guidance and advice regarding choosing my new machine.

I am new to quilting and embroidery, and will confess that I love using a machine for both (I'm a tech nerd, sorry). My current machine is a Janome Memory Craft 400E. At the time, it was the only machine available to me that I could finance. I was not familiar with the different machines, etc. so I went for it (bought it in March).

I can't say that I don't like it. It does what it needs to do, but now that I was bitten by the quilting and embroidery bug, I know I want to move up. The Janome does good work, but being older it is not super fast and it doesn't have as many options as newer machines.

My home office doubles as my craft area so space is at a premium. I just finished creating an entire wall to wall corner workspace area. But, because I also have things like a Cricut cutter, etc. I don't have the room for the Janome and a sewing machine (so I'd like to get a machine that does both).

My trouble comes in that I am totally confused on brands, where to buy, etc. Being in a more rural part of the state, I don't have many sewing stores nearby (closest is about 45 minutes). I have a Joann's right up the street which has a Husqvarna/Viking gallery within it, so I went in there one day. I'll confess that the machines made me drool. It was a Sunday, and there was only one person working at the gallery, and she was teaching a few people the Premier+2 software. She looked up and asked if I needed something. I apologized that I was disturbing their class, and that I was just looking at the machines and wasn't sure which one interested me. She told me if I had questions, to ask.

So, after a few minutes walking around, I realized none of the machines had prices on them. So, I finally apologized again for interupting but said I had a few questions. I started by saying "I have a Janome Memory Craft 400E" and she made a face and just sneered "oh". Ok, not off to a good start hehe. I then explained I wanted to move up to a sewing/embroidery combo and pointed at some of the machines. She gave me a quick rundown of these being the best machines, etc. I asked about prices. She provided a few. I then asked if they have trade ins or any program wherein I could somehow use my own machine towards the purchase. She said that with offbrands such as mine, that no, dealers can't use my machine so they won't take it on trade. So, that more or less ended my trip there. The only thing I came away with, was the understanding that the only reasonable machine was the Topaz 50.

I did go to two other sewing stores. At one, the gentleman was very nice. He said he could take my Janome as a trade, and actually gave me a fantastic trade in amount, but it was only towards a new Brother machine. I don't know the specific model, but it was gorgeous. Lots of bells and whistles. Even with the fantastic trade in, the price was going to be in the 5k range. He did have a floor model Pfaff Creative 4.5 that was a good price that I liked. But, my trade in could only be used towards the new machine. I visited one other store, where they had lots of machines on display, but they told me they keep very few in stock and I would have to order. They also didn't do trade ins.

So, at this point I am lost. Looking online, the brochures for Viking and Pfaff and Brother all seem great. But I would love insight into those that you all have used and which models/brands you like. I like the metal hoops that now seem prevalent with some of the brands. The Pfaff really excited me based on features, but again, I don't know their true quality or reputation.

My last question, too, would be this. I've listed my Janome for sale at nearly half off the retail price. I'm hoping to at least get a few dollars towards a new machine. Do I maybe just go back to the one shop where he offered such a great deal for the trade in, and go for the new Brother and just do it on layaway? Most of the retailers that have financing, use a specific company, which isn't very generous insofar as credit lines or increases. We were approved for a small amount which is nowhere near what would be needed for one of the newer machines. Or, do I go with the Topaz 50 at Joann's? While not cheap, it is something I could afford if I manage to sell the Janome.

Sorry for the long post. I appreciate any insights and opinions!!
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