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I run a home Dec shop and just went through this when purchasing new machines. I agree with the other ladies......go and try the various brands and models out and see what you feel comfortable with. Some people love not so much and got rid of the machine and repurchased at the time Vikings. Let me say this......they are Not what they use to be. I am getting ready to close up shop and move to AuTrain, 45 minutes from Marquette. When making my resent purchase I had to take into consideration if I could find a dealership locally that I could service quickly the equipment and take classes. Support is extremely important. Originally I was considering a Babylock, but the nearest dealership was in Travis City, 5 hours away. I ended up purchasing 2 Janomes......9400 and a 500E. I Love both machines but as soon as they are paid off I plan on getting something that has a much larger hoop than my embroidery machine offers. Good luck with your hunt!

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