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Default Used long arm price help needed

Hello! I am going to look at a 2015 Innova today and would like some help with determining a good price offer. Itís asking price is $15000 but is negotiable. It is a 22Ē with lightening stitch and table is 9í. The table length is perfect for my needs, since I donít do large quilts nor have the room for a table much longer. It has the micro handles, too, as well as extra feet and bobbins. It is private party and Iím fairly sure at that age there is no warranty left. Owner says it has been lightly used. It has been for sale since April this year.

A dealer has also offered me a price on a one year old machine for the same price but with 4 more years of warranty. Plus I would have to pay the tax and delivery, probably adding another $2000 to the price. Plus micro handles would be extra. Iím not too concerned with getting them at this time though. Five training classes are also included.

Just from looking at other pricing online, the 2015 Innova seems rather over priced. Any suggestions for price offers would be greatly appreciated. Iím not in a huge hurry and Iíll be going to Houston quilt festival this fall and taking classes so I can wait if others think I might get a good deal at the show.

Thanks for any help!
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