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Default Needle size requirement for White Rotary

We were finally able to get the stitch indicator lever loose and got the machine back together and in the treadle cabinet. I cannot, however, get the bobbin thread picked up so Iím wondering if there is a specific size or make of needle that is needed. I first put in a Schmidt needle but it snapped off when the needle went into the bobbin area. Then I tried using an Organ 15X1 needle and inserted it all the way to the top of the shaft and also extended the needle down part way in the shaft but still cannot get the bobbin thread to pick up. As I look at the open end of the bobbin case, my thread is coming off the bobbin in a counter clockwise motion as indicated as correct in YouTube videos. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also... the fly wheel is hanging up in one spot of rotation. What will correct this? I am so anxious to begin using this machine and right now I am finding it very frustrating.
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