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Default finding an embroidery unit

Hi Everyone!
So, after finally taking care of the cost of car repairs (groan), I finally had a little left in my budget and managed to find a new machine. It's a Pfaff Creative Sensation that only has 6 minutes of time on it, so I'm pleased. I got it at a great price, so I'm happy about that. It doesn't, though, have the embroidery unit. For me, it was still worth it, because it is practically brand new, and the price I paid. I had tested a Pfaff at a local dealer, and really liked the features. So, it was worth it to get the machine knowing I would have to purchase the embroidery unit eventually.

Anyway, I'm trying to find the embroidery unit, though, and not having any luck. I've emailed a few local dealers and most have tried talking me into buying a new machine! When I politely say no, I want the embroidery unit, they argue that the price is "about" the same. I realize the embroidery unit isn't cheap, but am wondering if anyone has any ideas on where else I can look to find the embroidery unit? I've checked ebay and there are none there right now. It seems the online dealers don't sell the unit separately, only together with a used machine. Won't an authorized dealer order it for me? (right now, the few I've contacted seem to suggest that no they won't).

So, I am hoping that maybe somebody can offer some other spots I may be missing? Thanks in advance!!
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