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Thank you, Queenbarbiej! I actually tried it two different ways last night. The first way was as you suggested (and in the help area of the board) and the second was as tlrnhi suggested.

I did actually get an auto-reply email last night, although i can’t be positive which pm actually did the trick! My guess is the one tlrnhi offered because of the timing of the email but i am only assuming.

From what i can see, both ways make perfect sense and either one of them should have worked... but what do i know - i’m the one who cant seem to accomplish this one simple thing! Although i am not new to computers, i am a newbie on the board (any board - this is my first experience with one). I am determined to get this figured out!

I was wondering... do most of you access the board by a windows-based pc? Are any of you using an iPhone or iPad? I have been using my iPhone and i am wondering if that might be part of the problem? I think i may have joined here in June or July and since i have learned a lot of things! I have found that not only do i need to login (duh) but i also need to select the option of using the full site to have fewer problems. However, using the full site option has one drawback - teeny tiny print!

My guess is that all of my detours are necessitated by using an Apple-based product. While i do have a windows-based laptop, i avoid using that like the plague - bought it in 2007 so its old and slow... i swear i could walk a letter to your house by the time it boots up! My husband hates computers so for home we went the Apple route as it seems to be a little more intuitive as far as he is concerned (which means that i have to respond less to “flat tires on the information super highway” at home - and hey, i guess as they say it’s all about me???).

Thank you all... for being so very kind and patient with me! I promise i am gonna get this one way or another. I realized last month that just because i post a photo - and it looks right side up to me - that may not be exactly what you see when i put it out there! So now i gotta work on pm’s... but i promise you all i will get it, just hope you dont have to help me much more or i am really gonna feel like a burden.

I am very excited to participate in this years Secret Santa! I very sincerely hope you all survive my efforts to get there!!! From the auto-reply email i got last night i think things got to the right place!

Thank you, thank you, thank you (did i say thank you?)!!!
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