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Originally Posted by ssorrow View Post
I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear in what I wrote. The person on the other webpage wasn’t saying it was better to own a machine that did both embroidery and sewing. She was saying that the actual embroidery stitches were better on a machine that did both sewing and embroidery rather than a machine that just did embroidery.

before i took her word for that i'd have to know how many different brands and models of machines she personally compared before coming to that conclusion.

as donna pointed out, comparisons are meaningless unless every condition other than the machines is identical.
they are also meaningless unless the comparisons are drawn between a wide enough range of brands and models, plus between more than one individual machine in each brand/model category. (even the best brands and models will sometimes roll a lemon off the assembly line.)

and i'd want to know how experienced she is in the field of machine embroidery.
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