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Default I've lost a block. How can this happen?

Has anyone ever lost an entire block? Doesn't it have to be somewhere?

I'm making a Smith Mountain Morning as practice for my Bonnie Hunter upcoming class. It consists of 28 star blocks and 28 chimney blocks. I get down to the point of the last chimney blocks and it is no where to be found.[ATTACH=CONFIG]617865[/ATTACH]This pic shows 4 blocks missing, but three were laying on the sewing machine. I've looked block. Fortunately I have gobbs of fabric left. And you know I will have to make another one before I find that one.

Yes, I am taking the class in about a month, but this is my M.O. If I am to take a class I make a couple ahead of the class so I know what I'm doing. This is my second Smith Mountain Morning. I put the blue and brown one in a sale and it sold.

If you have lost a block like me, and you found it, where did you find it?
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