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Originally Posted by Love2Craft View Post
I have the alphabet file unzipped and on my laptop. Each letter is listed separately and saved in the format for my Pfaff Creative 4.5. I use Premier+ software...and am familiar with creating, combining and sending files to the machine via the USB cable. I just don’t see how to use the file as if “typing” a set of words
Let's try this for the alphabet.

You are going to just select the first letter-then add- then select next letter-then add, etc. It would be similar to bringing in two designs. Some machines allow you to "chain" the designs. If not, they will stitch one by one.

Example: ANT

Select the "A" and set, then add, Select the "N" and set, Select the "T" and set. Depending on your machine functions you may/not need the "set" function.

After all the letters are in that you want, select "embroidery". It should put all the letters together so you can move them "ANT" into position as desired.

Again, I don't know your machine so I'm not familiar with the specific functions.
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