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Default Any suggestions on an embroidery machine?

I would really like to have an embroidery machine that would allow me to design my own things and then embroider them. The machine I have is an old outdated Viking 1+ with embroidery but while it will do a few little things, it's not capable to do the things I want to do.

So, I was tempted by a new Viking sewing machine with embroidery. The extra designing component would add to the cost and I'm not ready to spend $9000 at the moment.... maybe later in the year. A friend told me I should be looking for an embroidery machine and not a combination one. I haven't looked at those. I have plenty of sewing machines and don't really need something to sew with. So here is my question......

Would it be better to look for an embroidery only machine? If so, what brands do you suggest I look at?

Or, should I still be looking at a sewing/embroidery combination machine? I'm pretty sure I'd want a Viking if that's the case.

Thanks for your help. I need to start doing some research so I'll be ready to purchase when I can let that amount of money go for a new machine.
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