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I purchased a couple good digitizing software packages to make my own designs. I also make my quilt labels from a design I digitized. The software is sold separately. There are millions of designs available and I love the ability to change from one format to another. I do not have an expensive machine. The digitizing software makes it possible to divide larger designs into sections so I can make my in expensive Brothers do just about any design I choose.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. The brothers machines are workhorses! If the machine fails after several years of working continuously, buy another and then another and then another one each time new models with more upgrades. You are still ahead of the game. How much money do you want to save. Oh another things many software packages offer free upgrades.

Here is how I think it out. Software about $500. Inexpensive brothers embroidery machine under $400. Compare to $9000. Results and satisfaction to be able to do it all... priceless.

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