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oh dear.....I am offering a hack! But it is a brilliant least I think so....I bought a lawyers with the extra deep shelves and glass doors that flip down. I love it and I would think it better serves my use than stuffed with large oversized books.....I take my yardage leave it folded like it comes of the bolt and wrap anything between 1-2 yards around a 24 x 6 inch ruler and then fold it in half, I take anything between 2 and 3-4 yards and wrap it around my 8.5 x 24 inch ruler and fold it in half. Then I stack them on the shelves with the short folds out....I can tell at a glance what is in my stash and the approximate size of it. On the bottom shelve I do have some larger cuts of fabric stacked for backings and two cloth boxes for my wool. The glass doors cover the fabric to keep dust out and I have the bookcases against the south interior wall so the sun never shines on it....yeah....I love this of the best things I bought. It is sturdy and was half price. The movers had a challenge fiting it through the door of my small bedroom turned sewing room....
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