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Fantastic!!!! You know, i am totally amazed at how different and varied each one of these kaleidoscopes can be. You did a great job and i am impressed that you did that all on your DSM! Been there done that many times over so i know how hard it is to shove all that quilt around in such a small throat space on the machine!

One thing for sure is that i have never heard anyone say they have been bored making one - more like running from exhilaration to frustration sometimes - but always well worth it in the end! Kaleidoscopes are beautiful and mesmerizing - and i am told addictive! Suffice it to say that i havent gotten to the addictive part yet! I do like playing with the block pieces once they are all cut!

This is absolutely beautiful aashley333! And you’re preachin’ to the choir about the “queen thing” - i always say that and then somehow end up right back there again!

And i gotta digress a little here but you will see the parallel shortly! I told a friend recently that making a queen or king quilt again after you have sworn you never would is kinda like the pain of childbirth - you tend to forget all about it because you have a wonderful little bundle of joy in the end! So time passes and youre like lets have another because all the bad stuff is conveniently relegated to your short term memory. Suddenly it all comes back after youve been in labor for a few hours... but its all good again once you are holding that little bundle of joy again. at least until they are in their teens! I love both of my boys more than life itself (they are now ages 41 and 39) but i have also said its a good thing i didnt have number 2 first - or he might have been an only child (ok, i lovingly say that, but number 2 tested every bit of our patience - i think number one was just such an easy child to raise that we were lulled into a false sense of bliss about our parenting skills)! I kid you not, number 2 even had us thinking that there must be a military preschool option out there somewhere!!! But they both turned into wonderful adult young men who are married and are wonderful to their wives... and heh, heh, heh - number 2 has a two year old just like him! What do they say about paybacks????
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