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Good for you for doing what you want to do! I used to finish every project I started. Then I considered quilt tops as a finished project, just not a finished quilt.

Among my issues my vision is declining and I'm thinking I'm only going to have about 5 more years of "normal" life and I'm going to sew sew sew and not quilt because it's the piecing and the playing with the fabric that I like. Sure, some of the tops will be quilted down here and there. But I'm not making it a focus. I currently have slightly over 20 unfinished tops, each is stored with their backing and binding made along with some notes on what I planned for quilting. Maybe I'll have access to a long arm again and can get through a bunch/maybe not. Maybe I'll win the lottery! Woohoo, can always hope and then I'll have the choice to long arm them myself or send them out.
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