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I should mention, that I was laughing at myself as I posted the first post. For those of you that buy kits, it's nothing special to have everything in one place! For those of us with lots of stash with this scattered over here, and that over there, we need a way to organize. Those cat blocks have been in my metallic group of fabric but were getting distorted and getting further and further away from the other designated fabrics.

Shoe boxes are great Fizzle, some of the sneakers my son got came in long narrow boxes that I used for my precut strips of roughly that size. I've seen men's boots in boxes like the ones I'm using where there is a self-flap. A lot of the boxes I use are from Amazon too, just the basic outside boxes. The thin premade boxes for Christmas presents are often a good size but flimsy and don't take well to years of storage with periodic handling. I think my oldest box is a collection of cat fabrics that will someday be made into a quilt for the Humane Society fund raiser, it's been at least 10 years since I put it on top of the cabinet and it's decidedly looking a bit squished by now even though I've taken good care of it. What I really like is a box made of heavy cardboard about 12" square and 6 inches high.

I think there is a market for sewing room organizers/quilting estate specialists. I can do a lot with stuff that isn't mine, the problem is dealing with my own stuff! But the way my mind works and organizes things seems to be a bit different than other people. Just remember, if it can be alphabetized, it should! (My CDs and Vinyl are all in order by Artist Name and then release date.)

A couple of years ago I bought a lot of stash from an estate sale, I think it was (two) 25 pound sets of fabric at $2 a pound. The gentleman was the son of the quilter and knew some about what she had. Lots of large pieces of yardage had already been given away, and what I was buying they considered small pieces, mostly under 3 yards. He said that this was most of the last of the fabric but now they had all sorts of UFOs and kits to deal with and had no idea how to price. I said I was willing to help with that, but for a non-biased appraisal (since I had already purchased things from him) I was sure his local quilt group had someone who would be able to help and I gave him the contact info for them.

I don't think a lot of heirs realize what they have, and we often have a lot!
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