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Default Bernina Artista 170 Sewing Embroidery Machine

My Designer 1 SE has died and no replacement parts available! I am retired and no longer have the disposable income I once had when I bought the machine of my dreams. I am located in Canada and have come across the Artista for $1200. It comes with the Art link vers. 3 for use with PC software for Macintosh windows 95/98 2000/NT. I have just purchased an ASUS with WIN 10 64 bit.

Will I be able to download Art link 8 upgrade to my new laptop when I do not have the original software? Am I even able to download the original software to my laptop and use the upgrade?

, the price .... she is open to offers and I can't find much information to guide me on a number. I see my Designer 1 SE anywhere from $800.-$1000. on ebay and it would be about the same age.

is it too old and I should walk away. She had it to a technician and has the paper to show that it is in excellent condition.

I have never had a Bernina; I was told their reputation is that the older ones are workhorses.?

Really need help on this one......

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