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Not familiar w/the machine, but would like to comment on the software. Windows and Mac operating systems are entirely different, and embroidery software is usually specific to the system. You also stated that the software was for dated for 95/98-2000 and most of those systems for home use were 32 bit processors. Your new computer is Microsoft Win10 and 64 bit. I have same and my Brother software, early version issued for 2000/XP will not install. I bought a used Win7ULT w/32bit so I would be able to continue using my design software. An older used Mac might be a solution for you. However, I am now looking at Microsoft phasing out support for the Win7 system, and that will mean purchasing new updated software. I have no advice for you re the purchase, but I hope you can find a solution, because you may have found a bargain. If I am in error about my statements, someone please correct me! Just hoping to be helpful.
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