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Originally Posted by Christine- View Post
Wow Sharon, your quilt is beautiful.

Lynn, thank you so much for the advice. I just bought a large jug of starch last night and plan to starch well. What kind of starch did you use? And if you used liquid, what was the amount you mixed with water?
Sorry for the delay... life got in the way. I used some older aerosol cans of Faultless Heavy Starch, but they don't make it any longer. In the last year they replaced it with "Ironing Spray," whatever that is... and it does not make the fabric stiff at all. Totally useless product in my opinion. But I did find the Faultless Maxx Starch in a pump handle can - maybe 12 ounces? - and it seems to work like the old Heavy Starch. I'm happy with it so far. For pressing the blocks and rows once they are assembled, I'm using Best Press.

I know I should probably make my own starch but I have not attempted it yet.
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