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Originally Posted by Christine- View Post
I'm going to use liquid starch and dry the fabric on a clothing rack. I've never used liquid before so I'm looking for advice from anyone about how to mix it up and how to apply it. Someone told me to dampen the fabric first before immersing it in the starch mixture so I'm going to do that.
I have a 20 oz spray bottle that I put in 10 oz ( 1 1/4 c) StaFlo, then slowly fill with water. Put in sprayer and shake. I spray this to the back of my fabric, fold in half and check for dry spots and spritz on them. Continue folding and spritzing until fabric is damp...not dripping. Let it "rest" a while, unfold it and let it dry. I like pressing it when slightly damp, and if it dries I will lightly spritz with water before I iron. If you think this is too much starch next time use less (1 c or 3/4 c). I hope this helps you.
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