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Default Updated Fix List Report (01-17-2020)

This is what I can remember or pick out of the first thread.
Remember - Do Not Repeat Reports From the First Thread.
  • Color Scheme Changes - Overall: On their way. Date not yet fixed.
  • Color Change - Titles of Threads Already Read:
    • Already works in the Archive sections;
    • Titles do already Change from Bold to Not Bold.
    • Try using the F5 key. Will trigger color change in some browsers.
  • Albums: Fixed
  • Blogs: Unlikely.
  • Reminder Emails:
    • Now lead to "New Posts" or "Today's Posts." This is a permanent change.
  • Articles: The emails that are supposed to link to Articles link to an error page because the Articles did not survive the migration. Either Articles will be restored or the emails will be stopped. Not sure which or when.
  • "Leave Page" prompt: Resolved.
    The Confusing "Spoiler" thing (+ in a box, next to the Quotation icon in the editing areas:
    • Spoiler is used to post anything that users would have to click to see the hidden contents. Such uses would be when someone posts an ending to a movie and doesn't want to spoil it for others.
    • To remove it, click the "source" button and remove the text with the spoiler tag.
    • Seems crazy to me. I recommend to you avoid clicking on it. Not sure the techs can disable it.
  • Smilies: Fixed! Yahooooo!!!
  • Avatars: did not survive the migration. We can restore them ourselves. Go to User CP or Profile to find the setting option.
  • Remember Me: Fixed. just remember to not log out. just close the QB tab or your whole browser.
  • Feedback Feature: Not included in the new version of the board software. Am sifting through options for possible replacement. No promises. Haven't found anything yet.
  • Calendar: Stopped at Jan 2019. Fixed
  • Chat Room: Gone. Permanent Change.
Image Upload in Mobile View [malfunction]: Techs have not been able to track down the cause. Now disabled in mobile view. If you absolutely must upload from a mobile device, please switch to Full Site view.

Image Upload Fails When File Size >1.2 MB: Please adjust to this. Really, no image file needs to be >1MB. Please compress your picture files before uploading.
  • necessity is the mother of invention. lazy is the crazy aunt.
  • for issues regarding the reminder emails, please contact [email protected]
  • To contact me with questions or suggestions that relate to our community, you may email [email protected]

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