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Default Hello, I'm Quilting on a Nouvelle 1500s !

Good Morning all my fellow Quilting addicts !
For years I was quilting QAYG on my little Brother Simplicity and/or my Innovis 990d- All was well... Then I saw an ad in my FB Marketplace for a NOUVELLE 1500s gently used for $350 - I drove 300 miles total to get it. I love it.. yes, there is a learning curve..yes, I've have to clean it, yes, I NEED YOUR INPUT ! I have ordered a quilting/ruler foot, high shank special from Westalee / Sew Steady ... Will my rulers from my past machine(s) work on this ? or do I need to get thicker ones? I noticed the foot on this may be higher . Any and all tips and videos are welcome.. I have not been able to find any on line.
I have found a place that services this beast. I am taking it in first thing Monday for a good servicing/tune up. I ordered a new bobbin case since the tension screw came out when I attempted to adjust it... I finally found it...( hubby actually found it.)... I dusted the insides, and put a new needle in. I wound 4 metal bobbins that came with it, with my thread I'm using on top to be sure I wouldn't have tension issues but .. sure enough.. I got em. ( sigh) . Do any of you that have this machine have it on a track/frame? I'd love to know which one and how easy it is to learn to use this.
Do any of you use the Grace stitch regulator instead of your pedal?
looking foward to getting to know you all. Here is what I'm working on now...Air Plane I'm gonna attempt some negative space quilting to bring out the center diamond.
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