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congratulations on your machine! I have that machine (almost 15 years) and it! I did use it on an original Grace frame and also loved it. I still have it if you are ever interested in purchasing one. Depending on where you live...it's a bear to ship...so you'd need to be close to Albuquerque. I used that set-up until I was fortunate enough to get an Innova 18" with frame. It does take some learning, but be patient. I did not have a stitch regulator, but practice, practice. I also have the "pattern boards" that I'd like to see with the frame. They are wooden also. Basically, the carriage the machine fits on has a bolt thingie that you put on. The pattern boards have grooves in them so you can just follow the pattern by putting the bolt thingie in the groove and sew. (hard to explain). Either way, you got a deal on a great machine. I use it every day to do my piecing and bindings. Love that machine! Good job to you!

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