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Originally Posted by joe'smom View Post
I can't get a close enough look to see what the units of the quilt are like. It doesn't seem to be too difficult. Have you made any quilts?You might try something simple to see if you like it before beginning this one.
Speveral says she's not an experienced quilter. She doesn't say much about her skills past that.

I blew up the photo so that I could see what the different borders were. There are tons of quarter square triangles, some curved pieces, squares in one border are set on point, and it has two "piano key" type borders. All of those triangles are small and the quilt is a queen size.

I'm not an experienced quilter either. I generally make 2 or 3 quilts per year and have been quilting four or so years. At least half of those quilts have been I spy quilts (easy). I looked at that pattern and said, "I'd never finish that quilt".

Of course, if I Really wanted to make it, I could. I'd have to be in love with it to tackle it, though. It is definitely doable, but it's certainly not an easy quilt.

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