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I took "not a veteran quilter" as someone who has basic skills to do the consistent 1/4" seam, who has made some projects, but that hasn't been quilting consistently for 20 years as opposed to beginning quilter.

That quilt does have some challenges that I would not suggest for someone who is entirely just starting.

I think most of us do have bucket list quilts that we feel we aren't quite ready for, I know I had quilts that I waited 10 or more years to make either due to getting the fabrics together, getting my skills up, or other factors. If it does get too challenging/just isn't fun for the original poster, I'd suggest having a box ready to just put everything back into the box until another time. Make sure you get every little scrap of fabric, instructions, etc. to keep together. Then, when you feel ready to go back to it, it will be ready for you. And if you decide it ruffles your feathers too much to even look at it -- give it away/sell it, get rid of it. Not worth to keep if bothers you.

In my own case, a lot of my bucket quilts didn't get made. Never did the New York Beauty or Pickle Dish because my eyes started going bad and I no longer have the accuracy I once had and is needed for those projects. But although I've had my stresses, most of the last 40 years of quilting have been fun and I have no regrets.
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