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Iím so glad I joined this site, I love and appreciate all the feedback.
i am on disability which has afforded me the time to throw myself into learning things I want to do. I took a couple private classes in early 2018 and someone did me a huge favor so I decided I would repay her with a quilt. So, my first big project was an Amy Butler quilt. I made a mock up first just to be sure I could do it. I attached these.... Iím a beginner, donít forget ha!
Then I made a quilt for my niece where she picked out the fabric and pattern Which was challenging as I had to buy the Linda Warren learning curve, and, although my neice loved the quilt and it was acceptable, it wasnít something I would have given someone who wasnít a teenager, or my niece, to showcase my skill (lol)
The FG quilt has significance because it represents something I went through over a two year period (which I am happy to share but I am aware this is a quilting forum..... &#128526 so I feel I should make it to honor that time.

Now, I do actually have a question -i have sewn the most inner squares made up of quadrants and it feels like I might have cut these wrong as there is some stretch (would that be me cutting on the bias?), I really paid attention to the direction of the fabric when I cut. Will this be a problem?
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