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Default So happy for you

I am delighted that you have shared your good news with us! Have fun planning your new studio - you deserve it!

Originally Posted by Macybaby View Post
I'm still kind of in shock that this is all happening.

DH and I went on vacation in October, and when we got home I said I was glad to be home, just wished home was somewhere else. And DH agreed with me. So we decided to explore some options for moving much closer to where I work (I'm 84 miles from the office). We must have both been thinking about it but feeling the other wasn't interested - so we didn't bring it up.

Two criteria was enough room for my sewing (including LA) and a big garage for DH. We found a small house with a big 30x30 attached garage -with a full MIL suite above the garage.

The MIL suite has a big bedroom that is the perfect size for my LA, a nice walk in closet that is perfect for stash storage, a bathroom with a stack washer/dryer (if I wanted them), The other side is almost fully open, 17x27 - with some kitchen cabinets along the wall at one end. This is big enough I can even display my vintage sewing machines!

We put in an offer on Tuesday and it was accepted, with closing set for Dec 23rd. We aren't going to sell our current home until after we've moved out. We currently have a homestead with 40 acres so there is still going to be lots of downsizing.

We are moving to a small town (2,000 residents) so we figured it might take months to find a home that would be suitable, but it took two days. The home has been on a market a long time as not many people wanted something like that.

- after we got back from vacation and before deciding to move, I dug out a long time UFO crazy quilt and decided to finally get all the blocks made. It's a dream quilt I was making for myself but figured I'd never have a room to use it as I already have the perfect quilt for my current bedroom (burgundy and gold). But now that we are moving, my crazy quilt will be perfect for the bedroom in the new home!

I'm having a hard time sleeping at night, I keep waking up and thinking about how I'll put my cutting table and sewing machines - and part of me keeps thinking I'm just dreaming about a dream studio - not that I'm really going to have one.
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