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Default This is a First!

I had started making the top for a child’s quilt from a panel when I realised I had enough border fabric left over to make a second quilt from another panel that I had been given.

I usually only work on one quilt at a time but as I was going to be using the same fabrics it made sense to work on them both at the same time.

I got both tops finished and pinned the first top to its backing. As I had to go and prepare a meal I placed the second top on a table to keep it flat then laid the first top and backing on top of it.

Later on I came back, picked up the first quilt and started stitching. I had been working for about 15 minutes when I decided to check the back - just to make sure the stitching was ok. Much to my surprise I found I was looking at the second quilt! Somehow I had managed to pick up both quilts and was now in the process of stitching them both together!

Never done that before ...
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