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Originally Posted by Bags View Post
If I understand correctly, certain numbered kits were made to go with certain type of machine? Even though the majority of the machines are low shank and use the same foot.
At it shows which puzzle boxes are for what machines. The IF or Improved Family was the precursor to the Model 15 which would have the round bobbins. The VS or Vibrating Shuttle machines would include the VS2, VS3, 27 and 28 machines which would have the long shuttle bobbins. Both IF & VS machines use low shank feet. The feet will work on the 66, but there was not a puzzle box for it. The 24 is a chain stitch machine and the attachments would be mounted to the bed of the machine and do not have different feet to be changed. Only the shirring plate and underbraider for the IF and VS would be bed mount.

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