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Originally Posted by speverill View Post
Now, I do actually have a question -i have sewn the most inner squares made up of quadrants and it feels like I might have cut these wrong as there is some stretch (would that be me cutting on the bias?), I really paid attention to the direction of the fabric when I cut. Will this be a problem?
By " the most inner squares made up of quadrants" do you mean those ones that look kind of like hour glasses? If so those are called quarter square triangles, or QST's. No matter how you cut them, there are always going to be bias issues. There are two ways you can handle this. If you already have them all cut out, it narrows to one: starch them until they are nice and crispy, and that will stabilize the grain while you sew them. The starch basically glues the threads together so they can't stretch. If you haven't cut them out already, you can do research on cutting 4 or 8 QST's at the same time, and make them that way. For beginners like you and I, it's frequently better to make them a little bit big, so you can trim them down to a perfect square.

You can do this quilt, and it may not even take that long. It's basically a series of small quilts, that are long and skinny, that you then attach together. And I absolutely love that center medallion of Marie Antoinette with a sailing ship on her silly, fashion-conscious head. There is definitely something we can almost all learn from that picture, lol.

Keep coming back with your challenges and worries- we will get you through this.


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