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Had not seen this until now. I don't do many classes and seminars and such but this looks like more my sort of thing. Usually what happens is once I decide I really really want to go, the class is full but this looks large enough that maybe I have a day or two to think.

Regardless of whether I do go or not, if you come that far south of the border, I can go that far north from my house -- it's not even half way to the border! Would love to meet up for lunch or just a cup of coffee or something (and that's an open invitation to anyone down this way). Unfortunately in terms of quilt shops and stuff I don't go north much any more so have no personal recommendations.

I found a group in Bellingham that wants fiber donations and probably will start going more north a couple times a year. If I can get my hubby to get on with getting his expanded driver's license and/or passport, it's on the bucket list to get him to actually leave the United States for the first time in his life. He never even crossed over when he lived in Michigan, I'd really like to go to Butchart Gardens this year for the first time in about 40!
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