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I think there are 2 types of quilters. It all depends on how your brain works! One buys fabric for a specific project/pattern. You buy what the pattern says you need. The other one buys fabric they like, often without a pattern/idea in mind. I’ve been quilting for 15 yrs and very seldom use patterns. I start with basic idea and go from there. It allows great creativity in the process which I love! For some, that is stressful. So I have a large stash (some purchased but mostly a relatives huge stash). I seldom buy fabric unless I have a very specific need. I bought bookcases that are less that 12” wide and project boards (Dollar Store). Cut them into 6 pieces (10x10) and wrap my fabric around them. I can now audition fabrics without removing from shelves. I also cut the squares into 5” squares and use for smaller pieces of fabric. I found containers which fit shelves perfecting at IKEA. I gift a crumb quilter with my bits and pieces.
You’re a new quilter. Start stash building slowly. Your fabric choices with change significantly as your skills grow. There is so much to learn about threads, needles, batting etc. Do what comes naturally to you. There are many ways to be a happy quilter! Good luck in your journey!
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