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Originally Posted by Gienkies View Post
...Singer 401 G13 that is in perfect condition. ...
Does anyone have any ideas where I could look or what the history of this machine is?
I have not seen a 401 that had a sub model number. Have you tried searching for "401G" sewing machine with the 401G in quotes, you might have better luck.

According to it was made from 1960-1964, however, it says it has a tubular bed, which I have not seen any with a tubular bed. There is a manual that I think will work for your machine at

Does your machine have the "Accessory Drawer" that fits to the left of the bed?

We like pictures The instructions on how to post can be found at In case you just skim the pdf, a couple of things that I believe are particularly note worthy are that one must scroll over to the far right to find the "Upload" button to click and that I believe the picture maximum size may be incorrect, I think that the pictures need to be smaller than 1.9MB. Another thing that I noticed is that one can choose up to five images (if so desired) before clicking the "Upload" button. I also found that if you want to insert the image somewhere actually within the post, it takes a while for it to show the images that are available to choose which one you want and where.

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