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Welcome Jasper2019 to the Quilting Board!!
It's always good to see more Ontarians and Canadians on here with us!!

First of all, don't fret about possibly overthinking any of this. It is a pretty costly item, so you do want to make sure you do not have any regrets.

Yes, I have had an Eddycrest for several years now. I had the same concern as you re the acrylic table before I bought mine. Having never sewn with the extension table, on top of a table, one is bound to be concerned. While the acrylic sits on top, it is not very thick (guessing 3/8" or 1/2"??). The edges are rounded/beveled for a nice smooth edge against the table top and on the corners. Nothing has ever got caught in it, nor has it shifted around as I worked.

If you haven't been to their shop, they have machine(s) in their display cabinets too, that will give you a sense of what it will be like. If you want the true "feel", you could always take your machine with you, and let Eddy show you how it would sit into the cabinet. Even give it a test drive to give you a better sense as to how it would be. Also, if you already have an acrylic table, no need to buy one again.

I did not get the electric machine lift. With me not switching machines in/out regularly, or the need to clear off the top for a full flat table, I didn't see the merits in spending the extra $$. The height is still adjustable, when need be. Just manually.

It's a big outlay at the time, so consider the options they offer, and get what is going to work for you for the long term. Keep in mind that you may switch machines. Even though you think you may not, it happens. Especially when we are enjoying our set-up more. Yes, speaking from experience!

No regrets this many years later!!

Any more questions that I can help you with? Just ask away!!!
Good Luck!!

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