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Originally Posted by Bobbinalong View Post
I think I've got this. Cut your template for the triangle in half vertically and add 1/4 seam allowance to the cut edge (to make a seam later). Place the half triangles to each end of your rectangular paper/muslin with the cut edges at the ends. Sew strings between the triangles, all light or all med/dark. I guess the second half triangle is sewn on last?

When you join the blocks, you are joining the half triangles, hence the seam allowance. Just remember to alternate the light and med/dark blocks to get the effect.

Thanks maviskw, for a good idea.
You've almost got it! What I forgot about is that you have two different blocks. The white stripes and the colored stripes lay in different directions. One slants to the right and the other slants to the left. So for the whites the triangle beginnings are put on skinny side up on the left side and fat side up on the right side. For the colored blocks, the triangle beginnings go fat side up on and left side and skinny side up on the right side. I found it easier to do all of one color-way first, so they all laid the same way, and then do all the others that will lay the same. And I made my triangles 60. Most rulers have the 60 mark on them.
I have actually made one now, and it turned out beautifully. A lot of people were asking me how I made it.
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