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Reading Tropit's adventures with fermentation, I though this might be of interest to those who enjoy tofu. You never see anything about freezing tofu, but this is a good way to use it. Freeze a block of tofu in water, in the package or your own container, for a couple of days or longer. To use, thaw, and press the block carefully but firmly between the palms of your hands until quite dry. Then slice, or crumble, or grate, and use in any well-flavored sauce or braise. Freezing changes the structure of the tofu so it's airy rather than dense and will absorb liquids and flavorings. Spaghetti sauce that also has diced or grated veggies in it is a good first trial. It ought to make a good extender for meatloaf, too. I freeze tofu when it's going past the use-by date.
I have read that in old Japan, tofu would be frozen outdoors in winter, the water pressed out, and slices of the tofu then dried for future reconstituting.
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