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Thumbs up What's new and good about our new format?

Now we've had a bit of time and a few tweaks of the new format, I think it would be a good thing for those who are more adventurous and likely to explore what's on here that's new and good and post here for those of us like me who are a little less likely to go exploring!

I will admit I haven't been the type of person to explore all this site offered before, and so I'm trying to change my ways - here's a new thing I discovered that I like (or at least I've noticed it now!)

I like that there is a label showing who started the original thread when they re-post something further down the line. If this feature was there before, I didn't see it. I like to see it as it helps me keep track of who started things (which helps my brain remember their original question/post)

So, please add what you've discovered to help me and the other stick in the mud's out!
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