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Originally Posted by joshjy View Post
Hi guys , ive recently found several old industrial sewing machines in my grandmothers house she sadly passed away last year

i am in the process of clearing the house and am trying to work out what exactly these machines are and if they are worth anything these days

ive tried to find the model numbers of the machines and have also attached some photos if anyone can help identify / value them for me as far as i am aware they are all in working order

the models (i think ) are as follows

Seiko - STH-88L

PFFAF - needle point sewing machine

U.S Blind Stitch N.Y ( can not find model no on this one )

Brother MA4 - B551

thanks in advance if anyone can assist
You might try searching the machine website to see what they are used for.
Also might try etsy or ebay to see if there are similar ones to what you have and see what the prices are they sell for. Your location may also play a part in the final cost.
My Daddy had an industrial sewing machine as he did repair of the school district's bus seats and lots of furniture overdo's.
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