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Default March 2020 Pincushion Swap

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the March 2020 Pincushion Swap.

You must be signed up by the 31st March 2020 as partners names will be sent out between 1st and 2nd April 2020. You must have mailed by the 8th April 2020. This is a hard and fast deadline - no excuses. You must also please let me know when you mail and when you receive... this is so I can make sure that everybody receives a pincushion.

This is a personal choice swap so you can make any type of pincushion that you would like to.

Before signing up, please read the rules below:


As with all swaps there must be rules so here are ours!

1. This is a secret swap.
2. This is not a partnered swap so you may not receive from the person you send to.
3. Everybody on the board is welcome to take part.
4. This will be a bi-monthly swap (6 in a year) – you only take part in the months that you sign up for.
5. If you commit to taking part you must send out a pincushion… no excuses!
6. If you encounter a problem or issue, you must let me know immediately; there is nothing that cannot be sorted and re-organised if you communicate.
7. You are only committed to send a pincushion…. You may, if you wish send other items, but please do not expect to receive anything more than a pincushion.
8. Be kind to the person you receive from… we are all at different levels of experience on this board and we need to encourage each other… so if you receive an item from a less experienced stitcher - just appreciate the time and love that has been put into making it.
9. You must mail your item by the deadline above... no excuses.
10. The main rule is to have fun making and receiving some lovely creations.

Sign-ups will start now and close on the 31st March 2020 for this round.

When signing up, please let me know if you have a nut allergy as some people fill their pincushions with walnut shells.

So come on, join in and have some fun!


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