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When my son and daughter in law were married, they were both 30-ish and had lived together for some time, household already set up. They made it easy on the rest of us with a "no gifts" request with the announcement, they phrased it nicely something about having each other they had everything they wanted or needed. It was also important to them to have the wedding they wanted/could afford so it was quite small and intimate, about 20 people and the photographer was a friend as well.

Of course, had to get them something as the mama -- so I got a picture frame engraved with their names and the date, I found some "Bride and Groom" stick figure clip art for free and selected a picture, blew it up until it was large enough and cut out the faces to show the "Benjamins" (100 dollar bills) I put in the card.

My old go-to starting household gifts was nice bath sheet sized towels... helps if you know their color choices/likes.

There are a number of different places that do different things like this -- star charts for specific days.

Similarly, you could do something about "This Day in History" and add their wedding list to the achievements! Copy and print out dates from a site like this"
and put it in a nice frame (btw, there are often gorgeous frames for cheap still in boxes at the thrift stores here... only you need to know that the crystal frame cost $3 instead of $30!)
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