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Default What are you doing?

From reading posts and blogs about quilters, it seems a lot of us are "stay at homers". I definitely am. Tell me I have to stay home and not go anywhere for an unknown amount of time and I'm in heaven. I've been so happy this last week. Something is telling me, I'm home so get busy!! I've been in my sewing room every day for hours and hours. I've got a bucket of fancy fabrics that I've been saving. Printed out those hexagon blocks from Pintangle. And have 6 beautiful crazy quilt blocks ready for the hand embroidery. Yes, hand embroidery only. Yesterday I mixed up several colors of inks, dyes and paints to get just the right color pink to paint on a lace. It's gorgeous. i will post a picture of my blocks. Today I tea dyed some laces. And have a face mask almost sewn up. I need to look for elastic. Free pattern from
What are you doing with all this uninterrupted time?
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