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Default Organizing the stash?

So in this homebound time I'm finally getting my stash organized. How should I organize it?

Keep in mind- most of my stash is from the lady I bought my first sewing machine from. 3 garbage bags of "end of bolt"...9" to 15" WOF strips. If nothing else - I have a on the scrappy quilt market...if I only knew anything about putting together disparate fabrics and making the result look cohesive.

I keep it all in one of those under bed rolling boxes. I promise when I got it I carefully folded and organized by color. However after 18 months of rooting thru and picking out, its not really organized anymore. So I'm cutting up thin cardboard and wrapping.

Should I keep in color order? Should I put similar patterns/diff colorways together? Give up and set the whole mess on fire?

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