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Originally Posted by LavenderBlue View Post
It seems there's a run now on active dry yeast for bread baking....all our local stores, Amazon (in small quantities) and even Fleischmann's are out. Does anyone know a source? Thank you!
I managed to snag 3 strips of yeast (9 packets) during a target run.....but that was about a week ago....I looked for it...didn't see any then way on the bottom shelve there was a box that said "quick rise yeast" was a whole box....then I noted it said "remove" for display...ahhh….someone had just thrown the box on the I opened the display window and took three of the strips which rang up just fine.....if you don't have any luck finding could look up "making sour-dough starter from scratch". there are some recipes on the takes a few days....but does work...also, I have made "Irish soda bread"...also tastes good but doesn't call for yeast...I do think it calls for baking soda...but I haven't made that for a while...
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