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When FMQing, the whole quilt should be up on the table with the part you are working on puddled around the machine so there is no drag when you quilt. Machinger gloves really do help to move the quilt sandwich. The first thing my dealer did when I got my B440 with BSR, was turn off the alarm. It is just annoying and when it goes off and it upsets your FMQ rhythm .
Some higher end Berninas seem to have problems, if it continues to be a problem machine, look into what the shop can do to for you before the warranty runs out. I do not have my machine set into a table but that is an advantage. Some love the silicone mat on their machine bed, some find it shifts and they sew over it. I wonder with the hologram finish of the Tula Pink if the silicone mat may discolour it? I hope things work out for your wife and her machine.
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